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Canvas Linen Blackout Curtains Heavyweight Elegant Custom Drapes Grommet

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  • Sold as an individual panel.
  • Material: 7.8% linen+35.7% viscose+56.5% polyester
  • Light Blocking: 60-70%
  • Fabric Weight: 390 GSM
  • Max Width: 240"
  • Max Length: 244"
  • Slub woven texture, excellent colorfastness.
  • The liner is good for light blocking, and it moderates protection from sunlight damage and makes the backside of the drapery smooth and clean. Street view in white.
  • 16 color options.

For the pleated header styles, such as
Double French Pleat, , and Inverted Box Pleat, please note: if the length of the finished curtain is more than
108 inches, the max width without seam of the finished curtain is 56 inches; if
the length of the finished curtain is less than 108 inches, there is no seam
for any curtain finished width. If not, the width should be double-wide with a
vertical seam.

For the pleated header styles, such as
Triple French Pleat, please note:

  • If the finished length of the curtain is over 108 inches, the maximum finished curtain width without a seam should be 50 inches.
  • If the curtain length is less than 108 inches, you can have any finished curtain width without a seam.
  • However, if the curtain length is exactly 108 inches, or if it falls between 108 inches and the maximum width of 50 inches, then you will need to use a vertical seam to achieve a double-wide width.

The curtain can be hand washed, and is gentle
cycle machine washable in warm or cold water. Avoid using hot water. It should be dried on low heat or dried naturally. If it is still damp, iron it to remove creases and wrinkles. Wipe clean, dry clean, and avoid bleaching in case of discoloring and weakening the fibers. Avoid twisting or scrubbing linen fabric in case of damaging the fibers.

DHL Express Shipping - ETA: 7-15 business days.

(Custom curtains 7-10 business days; Shipping time 3-5 business days)

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Since curtains are made by our several workers and specially customized for you according to your preference, which cannot be applied to other customers, generally we don't accept return except for quality issues.

To ensure that the texture and color can meet your expectation, we sincerely hope that you will order BOOKLET SWATCHES before ordering customized drapes.

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Why Choose Lightweight Canvas Collection Drapery?



Polyester's long, stable polymers make this fabric strong and resilient

CANVAS Faux Linen Drapery

CANVAS Faux Linen Drapery

With a weight of 390gsm and a composition of 7.8% linen, 35.7% viscose and 56.5% polyester, this fabric is both strong and resilient. Polyester's robust polymers provide durability and shape retention, preventing the material from becoming stretched out easily.



The moisture-wicking property of linen makes it a preferred option for maintaining a cool bedroom and sleeper comfort, hence the popularity of linen drapery, especially in warm regions and during summer time

Natural and Breathable

Natural and Breathable:

Homerilla’s Linen and Sheer curtains chose fabric crafted from natural fibers, which provide a refreshing airflow, optimal breathability, and add a touch of freshness to your space.

Moisture Management:

Moisture Management:

The curtain fabrics of Homerilla have effective moisture absorption, which means they can easily handle a humid environment and keep it dry and mold-resistant.

Delicate Texture:

Delicate Texture:

We believe small details make big differences. Our Sheer curtains are designed with precision weaving technology, which creates a unique, sophisticated and stylish texture for each collection.

Durability and Longevity:

Durability and Longevity:

Homerilla considers the durability and resilience of the curtain fabrics a priority, all series are designed to withstand regular wash and maintain their shape and quality over time.

Light Control and Privacy:

Light Control and Privacy:

Offering different light-filtering levels, you can choose from light-transmitting Sheer curtains to opaque Blackout curtains. By customizing the light control and privacy, you can create the perfect ambiance in your room.

Insulation and Noise-canceling:

Insulation and Noise-canceling:

Heavy-duty curtains such as Cotton, Velvet and Blackout offer perfect insulation and Noise-canceling effect, therefore creating a tranquil and cool space for deep sleep demanders.


The length of your curtains can dictate the mood of your room, from a crisp and polished appearance to a vibrant and dramatic effect.


This pulled-together approach sits 1 inch above the floor.



This easy, elegant style drapes on the floor.



This deluxe, romantic look drapes on the floor 1-2 inches.


Let's complete the look! Each header creates a different aesthetic and influences the drape of the fabric.
Antique Bronze Grommet
Antique Bronze Grommet
Black Grommet
Black Grommet
Nickel Grommet
Nickel Grommet
How To Measure Width

How To Measure Width

Drapery Panel width measure from end left pleat to end right pleat when curtain is fully extended, instead of when it is stacked.Pleats are sewn permanently.

Fabric fullness: 160%(Double) and 200%(Triple)

Stacked width account for around 20% of panel width you order.

For example, if rod length 100 inches, you may order 2 panels each 50 inches widthfor pinch pleat style.


How To Measure Length

How to Choose the Liner

Lining Type

Unlined - Shading Rate 60%-70%
180 gsm - 90% Blackout
220 gsm - 100% Blackout


Is it a price for one curtain or a pair?
What does the term stacking width refer to?
Should I consider purchasing pin hooks to achieve a pleated style?
Do I need to think about the fullness for the pleated header style?

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very nice quality and especially for the price! Highly recommend!


I love the texture and color perfect for my patio for privacy at night ,but enough for light still comes in .I wasn't looking for a smooth set of curtains like I said wanted texture….these are perfect. I did iron then gently to remove pkg.


Colors are what's shown. Cleans up nicely. No weird smells, like new curtains sometimes have. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase.

Glenda Hunt-Wright

These curtains are so beautiful! The way it was packaged showed how much this company cares about their products. Will definitely buy again.