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Train Your Drapery

To achieve a professional and high-end appearance for your windows, train your drapes to have uniform folds from the header to the hem. This way, they will hang straight with beautiful folds and will not flare at the bottom.

During use, it's important to arrange the fabric in a manner that allows it to hang beautifully, ensuring that the pleats and folds are in the correct position and direction. This helps prevent creases and ensures the curtains maintain their shape.

High-quality curtain fabrics naturally drape well, so simply arranging the folds is sufficient.

For daily care, you can easily create orderly pleats by arranging the fabric into even folds. Then, use drapery tape to tie around the midpoint of the drape. If your drapes are long, you can tie 2-3 tapes at the top, center, and bottom to securely fix the pleats in place.

 By repeatedly employing this specific care method around 15 times during usage, you can achieve a curtain arrangement with a natural and luxurious appearance.

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