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Lille Linen Sample Book

9 reviews
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This home decor style brings warmth, calmness, softness, elegance, comfort, and luxury to living spaces. Its crisp, neutral shades create a bright and inviting atmosphere while still maintaining privacy.

  • Material: 10% linen+90% polyester
  • Light Blocking: 60-70%
  • Fabric Weight: 350 GSM
  • Both the front and back of our panels have the same texture and color.

The cover has a protective film to protect it from scratches. If you don't like it, you can tear it off.

The curtain can be hand washed, and is gentle
cycle machine washable in warm or cold water. Avoid using hot water. It should be dried on low heat or dried naturally. If it is still damp, iron it to remove creases and wrinkles. Wipe clean, dry clean, and avoid bleaching in case of discoloring and weakening the fibers. Avoid twisting or scrubbing linen fabric in case of damaging the fibers.

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(Custom curtains 7-10 business days; Shipping time 3-5 business days)

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Since curtains are made by our several workers and specially customized for you according to your preference, which cannot be applied to other customers, generally we don't accept return except for quality issues.

To ensure that the texture and color can meet your expectation, we sincerely hope that you will order BOOKLET SWATCHES before ordering customized drapes.

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Exquisite Details

Crafted from a blend of polyester and linen, these curtains exude a sense of warmth, tranquility, neutrality, softness, elegance, comfort, and luxury that elevates the ambiance of any home.

Made from 100% flax linen

Eco-friendly Essential

Discover our carefully selected linen blend curtains, inspired by nature. Perfect for those who prioritize a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, these curtains are an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Dawn Sheer Curtain

Natural Ambiance

Inspired by the natural colors of the flax plant, it is made from linen mixed fibers to create a natural atmosphere. In addition, this curtain blocks 60-70% of the light for everyday needs.


Fabulous Fabric

The curtains are meticulously crafted from 350 gsm of high-quality linen blend fabric, which has both the freshness and heaviness of linen. For ultimate softness and extra comfort.

Natural and Breathable:

Natural & Breathable

Homerilla's Linen and Sheer curtains chose fabric crafted from natural fibers, which provide a refreshing airflow, optimal breathability, and add a touch of freshness to your space.

Moisture Management:

Moisture Management

The curtain fabrics of Homerilla have effective moisture absorption, which means they can easily handle a humid environment and keep it dry and mold-resistant.

Delicate Texture:

Delicate Texture

We believe small details make big differences. Our Sheer curtains are designed with precision weaving technology, which creates a unique, sophisticated and stylish texture for each collection.

Durability and Longevity:

Durability & Longevity

Homerilla considers the durability and resilience of the curtain fabrics a priority, all series are designed to withstand regular wash and maintain their shape and quality over time.

Light Control and Privacy:

Light Control & Privacy

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers. Use this text to describe products, share details on availability and style, or as a space to display recent reviews or FAQs.

Insulation and Noise-canceling:

Insulation & Noise-canceling

Heavy-duty curtains such as Cotton, Velvet and Blackout offer perfect insulation and Noise-canceling effect, therefore creating a tranquil and cool space for deep sleep demanders.

How To Choose Hanging Header Style

Double Pinch Pleat

French Pleat - Double (HOT SALE!)

It creates a formal and elegant look.

French Pleats are more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats for a more luxurious look.

It works for the track, traverse rod, channel rod, and pole with rings.

Double Tailored Pleat

Tailored Pleat - Double

Tailor pleats are more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats.

Panel width is the width that pleats already set. 180% fabric width is used for pleats.

It works for the track, traverse rod, channel rod, and pole with rings.

Triple Pinch Pleat

French Pleat - Triple

Triple French Pleat is constructed with two-and-a-half times the fabric of the panel width.

The panel width should be the same as the coverage width.

It works for the track, traverse rod, channel rod, and pole with rings.



Goblet pleats are more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats.

Panel width is the width that goblet pleats already are made. 180% fabric width is used for pleats.

Metal pin hooks are included.

It works for the track, traverse rod, channel rod, and pole with rings.

Inverted Box Pleat

Inverted Box Pleat

It is formed by two equal folds of fabric folded toward one another so they meet at the center of the pleat on the front of the fabric. It is what a box pleat looks like from behind.
Panel width is the width that pleats already set. 180% fabric width is used for pleats and folds to create 100% finished width you order.
It works for rods with rings and track.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat Tape with traditional pleats and parallel folds that are formed uniformly, in the same size, when the cords are pulled.

Pencil pleat tape for curtains in the home, various spaces and net curtains.

How To Style Your Windows



This pulled-together approach sits 1 inch above the floor.



This easy, elegant style drapes on the floor.



This deluxe, romantic look drapes on the floor 1-2 inches.

How To Measure Width

How To Measure

Drapery Panel width measure from end left pleat to end right pleat when curtain is fully extended, instead of when it is stacked.Pleats are sewn permanently.

Fabric fullness: 160%(Double) and 200%(Triple)

Stacked width account for around 20% of panel width you order.

For example, if rod length 100 inches, you may order 2 panels each 50 inches widthfor pinch pleat style.

To Ensure the perfect size fit!

Check with our super easy Measurement Tool below


Or Use Our Drapery Measurement Finder

Step 1
What style of drape hanging header would you like?

Choose one

Do you have a drapery rod installed already?

Choose one


I have a rod installed already.


I don't have a rod installed yet.

What's your rod length?

What's your window width? (Frame outer edge to edge.)

What's the height from bottom tip of rod to floor.

What's the height from window top to floor?

How many inches beyond your window frame would the rod extend?

Wider panels will be roughly 10-15'' when kept stacked back- will be more for wide windows and doors.

How many inches above the window frame would you mount the rod?

To provide visual height to room, mount rod closer to ceiling line. In general, rods should be mounted at least 6-8'' above window frame, if you have wall space.

Do you want single or split panels?

Choose One


What king of finished look would you like for your drapes?
Choose fullness based on that.

Choose one


Nicely gathered with soft fold on top. 2x Fullness strongly recommended.


Not recommened for windows beyond 50" wide to avoid drapes looking flat.


Will get a flat sheet like look when kept drawn in.

Step 7
What kind of finished length would you like for your drapes?

Choose one


Your recommended dimensions for your panel are

How to Choose Lining Style

Lining Type

Unlined - Shading Rate 60%-70%
180 gsm - 90% Blackout
220 gsm - 100% Blackout

Is it a price for one curtain or a pair?
How should one take measurements for pleated curtains?
What are the guidelines for understanding the width of pleated curtains?
What does the term stacking width refer to?
Do I need to think about the fullness for the pleated header style?
Should I consider purchasing pin hooks to achieve a pleated style?
For which size is double width required for sewing?

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah Bruce

Limited fabric selections within specific folor families and the quality looked and felt cheap.

Hannah Starwalt
Beautiful fabrics to choose from!

I ordered the sample book and loved the color options! Ended up ordering curtains so we will see!!

Kari Turnis
Never received

I never received the sample book.

Lisa Myroon

The sample books has lots of selection and the fabric quality is lovely.

Cindy Bradley

Not only is this fabric beautiful, the quality and craftsmanship is exceptional and it also blocks out excess light. It has truly changed the ambiance of the space in my living room. Anyone looking for both style and functionality should own this curtain and highly recommend it!